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Using Examples to Support a General Statement

Have a look at a related worksheet.

Many essays begin with a THESIS, the writer’s main idea or argument. The rest of the essay consists of supporting points – i.e. examples or evidence that prove the thesis is true. For example:


Japan is a fascinating country.

Supporting Point 1

Its natural beauty is outstanding.

Supporting Point 2

There are many opportunities for adventure sports and other outdoor activities.

Supporting Point 3

Japanese culture is rich and varied.


Look at the following thesis:

Communications have improved enormously in the past century.

Only four of the points below can be used to support this thesis. þ Tick them.


When we have more than one supporting point, it is normal to use a linking word/phrase to introduce each new point. The following are often used:

Select a suitable thesis from the list of notes below. Use the notes to write a full sentence. Do the same for the other notes (the supporting points) and arrange these into a suitable order. Finally, copy them all out as a paragraph and use appropriate linking words/phrases.

    1. do research … on the Internet … in CD-ROM encyclopedias
    2. students … word-process their assignments …
    3. computers … important … modern education …
    4. teachers … create worksheets … copy articles from the Internet …
    5. administrators, teachers & students … present information … as spreadsheets/graphs


With a partner, choose one of the following thesis statements and write a list of three or four supporting points. (If there is enough time, do the same for another statement.)

Frankie Meehan