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Solomon's Cat, David Holman



Read the article, The One That Got Away, and answer the following questions.

1. What is the main topic of the article?  (Choose one.)

a) The dangers of living in Northern Pakistan
b) The behaviour of snow leopards
c) The relationship between snow leopards and humans
d) The International Snow Leopard Trust

2. What was the “unwanted guest” on Ulfat Karim’s farm?

3. What damage did it cause?

4. How did Ulfat Karim capture the animal?

5. How did Ulfat find food for the animal?

6. In the end, what did Ulfat and his friends do with the animal?

7. Where do snow leopards live?

8. Give three reasons why snow leopards are endangered.

9. a) Give one reason why the villagers might want to kill snow leopards.
    b) Think of another reason why people might kill snow leopards.  (The answer is not in the article.)
    c) Think of at least one reason why Ulfat Karim and the other villagers did not kill the leopard.

10. Read the last paragraph.  What does Qurban Jan mean when he says “Otherwise the next leopard… will not be treated so kindly” ?

11. What word is used to describe all of the following animals?
sheep, goats, cattle, horses, donkeys, camels, dogs

12. Match the following words/phrases to their meanings:
guest  Par.1  very dry
intruder                   Par.1 someone who visits you
arid                           Par.2 hard to see, secretive
habitat              Par.3          a troublesome person/thing
elusive                    Par.3   someone who enters without permission
nuisance                   Par.3  the natural home of a plant/animal
distinguish              Par.3    to kill another animal for food
prey on               Par.8     animals kept on a farm
livestock              Par.8     to see the difference between two things

Frankie Meehan